Each year, 3-4 million women are beaten and victimized by the partners in their lives who are supposed to love and support them. Although a majority of victims are women, men are also abused. 

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you are not alone

Abuse…Physical, Emotional or Sexual. Abuse is about one person controlling another. It is a pattern of behavior. Many people do not think of themselves as being abused because they have not been hit. Does the person you love: slap, hit, anger easily, force sex, push, criticize you, call you names?


Green Gables Haven offers shelter

Green Gables Haven offers shelter for the abused woman and her children for up to 4 weeks. You can access the shelter 24 hours a day. While in the shelter residents are provided with personal needs items(Shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, ect), food, and emergency transportation. Advocacy to assist in legal, medical, and social matters is available. Green Gables Haven will provide a temporary, secure, nurturing environment and support to enable victims of domestic violence in Barry County to make appropriate life altering changes.
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Contact Information

Emergency Police: 911

Non-Emergency Police:

  • Barry County Sheriff’s Office: 269.948.4801
  • Hastings Police: 269.945.5791
  • Michigan State Police: 269.948.8283
  • Barry County Prosecutor: 269.948.4850
  • Pennock Hospital: 269.945.3451

Executive Director: Janie Bergeron
PO Box 388
Hastings, MI 49058

Sexual Assault Services
Toll-Free 24 Hour Crisis
Hotline: 1.888.383.2192

Crisis Line

Make a safety plan

Here are some things to keep in mind when you think you may be assaulted again.

  • Practice how to get out of your house safely.
  • Create code words with family, friends, and neighbors to alert them to call 911.
  • Trust your own instincts and judgement.
  • Make extra house and car keys and hide them for emergency use.
  • Plan with children.
  • Plan a safe place for them.
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If you need to leave

What to take with you when you leave:

  • Identification
  • Driver’s License
  • Birth Certificate (yours and children’s)
  • Social Security Cards
  • Welfare Identification
  • Bankbooks and Checkbooks
  • Money
  • House and Car Keys
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Recent News

14th Annual Charity Auction and Dinner

On April 1, 2004, this community assisted in opening the doors to victims of Domestic Violence; since that day we have served over 1,508 individuals […]

2015 Year End Thank You

It is because of you sharing your time, talents and treasures……we keep our doors open to assist those in need of services! THANK YOU!

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7th Annual Power of One Luncheon!!

Friday, August 15 – Noon
Hastings County Club
1550 North Broadway,
Hastings, MI. 49058

Catered by: The County Seat

Tickets: $50.00 per person or Sponsor a table for $400.00

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Client Story

“I cried a tear today, I wasn’t certain why. I cried a tear today, I thought of all those lies. I cried a tear today, my babies cried for me. I cried a tear today, they saw me weep and bleed. I cried a tear today, he held me very close. I cried a tear today, he sent me a beautiful rose. I cried a tear today, he was begging on his knees. I cried a tear today, he said, ‘baby please don’t leave’. I cried a tear today, I was lying underground. I cried a tear today, but there was no sound. I cried a tear today, this time it was for my kids for if I could have done it different, I surely would have.”

~ Me – resident of Green Gables Haven

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